Thursday, May 3, 2012

Snaggy Mountain Magic

So here we are, helping our new brother Jared bring his farm and visions of community into the world, finding our rhythms and purposes out of utter freedom and all the space we could ever want, nesting and exploring and dreaming.  DOING!  Planting strawberries, blueberries, apple trees, asparagus, potatoes, raspberries.  Harvesting wild greens and learning about medicinal herbs in the 67 acres of pasture, orchard, pine thicket, forest, hills, mountains right outside Loki's front door.  Making sanctuaries for ourselves, enjoying the option of space, and the stronger bonds that creates within our family.  Balancing.  Painting, weaving, writing, making music, drawing.  Building from salvaged and found materials...a mailbox, and outhouse, a basketball court, a scarecrow, rails around a new deck.  Stretching, doing headstands, cartwheels, hiking, running, swimming, jumping, stargazing.  Dancing!  Basketball, soccer, hackey, fetch.  Dogs everywhere.  Travelers passing through, helping out, playing with us.  Cooking over the fire.  Fresh homemade bread every day.  Designs for a chicken coop, outdoor kitchen, dining table for the hilltop, a festival?! 

Love to everyone, photographs when the internet is faster in these remote parts.  Jackie

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