Monday, May 14, 2012

Everything is a part of a whole and giants

Looking for virtual anonymity finding pockets to breathe.  Closing our eyelids around galaxies almost getting there.

Underwater pitching riding waves together, screaming our joy and fear of too much,

hearing it together

and screaming our trust. Go giving not searching or you'll not see what you want.  But you were you with out me and that's where we give from.  Even when damn I'm trying to believe in me is what gets us shaebing.

It hurt then; we were growing stronger.  Our heart muscles burned from the exertion of trying and trying again.  We practiced hugging ourselves better, though our thoughts lingered on holding each other. 

We grew for people's bellies as we ourselves became giants, hoping it would all just slow down.  Bent, releasing what we thought necessary for the sake of a good stretch, creating space in our new cloud castle.  Welcoming whatever face shows up on the page of the next chapter.

Leaving without going anywhere

staying and being anywhere, everywhere else.  

I know what you meant!  We come from giants!  We live on giants!  The giant is our swollen potential!  We are becoming giants again, and returning love to everything, everywhere, always.

Inching toward infinity, we ride the sunset.  (Jesus was an anarchist and we all come from the sun.)

Everything, everywhere, always love.  Love everything, everywhere, always.

KeRDieekrDAAD May 12 2012

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