Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The next move

The Loki crew talked a lot yesterday (and will continue the dialogue today) with each other and Jared, our host here, about our ideas and plans for what happens next.  Things are moving along well here at Snaggy Mountain, but Jared needs space to invite more WWOOFers to rotate through and work with him throughout the summer.  As for us, our quest for the right space and community for our personal visions of home to take shape.  The conversation resulted in a rough plan, which we will be fine-tuning over the next week, to get as far as we possibly can on the conversion to a veggie-oil system in the next month.  We will be looking for a new destination to aim for by mid-June.

To Do List!

1.  Set up a kickstarter page to raise money for the conversion.  We are looking at about 1,000 dollars, including transportation to and from the local scrapyards and Asheville, parts, and potentially labor if we find any mechanical work we cannot accomplish ourselves.  We will be working out the estimate more specifically in the next few days once we:

2.  Phone calls to the list of mechanics, conversion-graduates, and bus people; compile research and figures.

3. Field trips to scrap-yards with our neighbor Gwyn, who converted her schoolbus Elsie herself, look for parts.

4.  Help Jared get the rest of the apple trees, potatoes, and herbs in the ground.

5.  Jackie is finishing her last few commissions and make a trip to the post office! Woohoo!

6.  Network in the area, see if the next destination is a farm in these parts, or back to Asheville, or somewhere in the wide world!

7.  Build dining table and:

8.  Plan and throw a Welcome to Snaggy Mountain dinner for all the amazing people we've gotten to know in the community.

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  1. louisiana. telling you.
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