We are adventurers aboard Loki the Space Bus.  Our names are Jackie, Brit, Jeff, Kaley, Jason and Max. We are a mobile community of artists, musicians and writers.  Our bus is is a space where you can be yourself and grow into who you want to be.  Everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. 

 Our project seeks to become a model for an alternative way to coexist, in which individuals are empowered to sustain themselves and enrich a community through their strengths and passions.   We want to demonstrate through our project that creative and critical exchange with diverse voices and networks is imperative for this lifestyle to function well.  In this way, we seek to learn and teach life practices that are sustainable, responsible and respectful to ourselves, each other and our environment. 
One foundational promise we have made as a community is to live as sustainably as possible, taking good care of our planet, creating a cycle of good health.  We wish to treat the towns, collectives, farms and families we visit, however large or small, with the same respect, using our time and skills to incite creative collaboration in the arts and participate in community projects.  Relationships formed in these contexts yield mutual education and inspiration, understanding and happiness.   When we spend our time well in a place, we leave behind us, in gratitude, finished projects, musical experiences, works of art, creative ideas and thoughtful dialogue. 

We met in Philadelphia around a project called the Fuhrl Arts Collective. This was our first attempt to create something together that combined our interest in all forms of expression. We began to host events that mixed visual and performative arts, music and poetry, and healthful and homemade food.
The showcases have been successful in exposing supporters of one form of art to several they may not have sought out otherwise, and encouraging collaboration across Philadelphia’s local creative community. It was so exciting to watch what happened when various talents collaborated around one stage, in one night. Diverse groups of people came together and shared ideas, formed open and compassionate relationships with one another. New projects formed that combined the experience and skills of individuals that had until then remained isolated from one another by genres, venues, presumptions.

   Ultimately, we are working toward a long-term goal: to manifest a more physical creative platform in the form of a permanent communal living space, such as a farm or warehouse space, or both in symbiosis.

  We move around the country with open minds, without preconceived judgments, to see the world and people for who you/we are.

We hope to meet you soon!  And thank you for taking the time to read.


the Loki crew


  1. Hey guys! And welcome to your adventure and journey! We are Chris & Cherie, also full travelers in a 4106 named Zephyr.

    You can find us at www.technomadia.com / we have lots of links to other bus nut communities, that might be helpful to you along your travels.

    Hope to cross paths with you out there!

    1. Hey! Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch, for sure.

  2. What a cool group of people! =] Van and Brit sent me here and sent pictures of Loki's and your visit at the farm. Keep doing what you're doing, it sure sounds like fun!
    -Eva, 13


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