Friday, June 29, 2012

the full days of summer have found us.

You haven't heard from us in a little while because we are oh so busy with a number of projects.

We've been graciously welcomed into a little circus commune in West Asheville called The Landing, to stay until Dr. Dave is ready to pay attention to our bus for a week.  Here, we've been spending our time learning on an intimate level just one way people are managing to live creatively, collaboratively, and sustainably.  Many that live here are acrobats and circus performers and yogis, but there is a LOT more than that going on every day.  There are organic gardens to tend to and goats and ducks and fencing projects for the aforementioned.  Painters, sculptors, musicians, singers, dancers, and bavarian pretzel makers round out a flourishing creative community.  Tree has been teaching us acro-yoga.  Iz and Rich are campaigning at Occupy for Ringmaster and Ringmistress of the United States.  Everyone loves hiking, swimming, and adventuring around these mountains.  

 Max and Jeff have each been producing a lot of music, and Jackie hasn't been able to stop drawing for a week.  Jay has been reading us some great poetry from his journal.  Max and Jackie are painting a mural in the Landing's warehouse of some curious looking creatures in a circusy scene.  Jay and Max have been getting really good on the slack-line.  Brit and Kaley have each taken personal leave from the bus for a stretch, and Jeff plans to embark on his own adventure within the week. 

Aside from carpentry and fencing projects, garden work, animal care, creative and circus practice, the crew has been putting together a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to pay for the veggie conversion, which includes shooting and editing an informational video.  All of which you will see activated, with a little luck, (Kickstarter has to approve our project) within the month! 

Finally, we will be posting new items in our Etsy shop throughout the next week. Art and zines and jewelry!  Check that out HERE!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Journey Paintings

While I am away from my bus family for a couple of weeks (O! How I miss them so!) visiting my other family, I have revamped my personal website, and put up selections from the sketchbook I've been traveling with. Check out my perspective of our experiences thus far under "From the Sketchbook!":

loving & missing my crew,


Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

NOW (a manifesto)

Roll and flop like a bear in blueberries.
Tumble together like marmots.
Tousle my hair if it's too straight.

Think like moss.

Grow like a painting.

Drink your fill of honeysuckle, until days have passed in one swollen moment.

Hop over, swing up, slide down.

Lubricate your hinges!

Stick your whole hand into:
1. A barrel of lentils.
2. A bowl of dough.
3. A coast of sand.
4. A cool creek.

Create feasts, retell dreams, point to clouds, hold hands.

Bestow crowns of wild things.

Show yourself to the sun!

Cross stuff out.
Love what you want.
Desire what you have.

Remember seconds before fear was born and walk into those open fields.

Break glass cages and lick the cuts on your fingers.

Be your light, and care for your guides.

Jackie, June 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

something about conscious evolution and the bus

We had a group meeting the other day to talk about the way our purpose has evolved based on our experiences so far in our journey, and found a great sense of focus, and a renewed feeling of purpose.   We brainstormed ways to better walk our talk, and steps we can take towards evolving consciously.  See the Mission section of the blog for an updated statement of what we are trying to achieve, and read excerpts below!

Our bus seeks to become a model for an alternative way to coexist, in which individuals are empowered to sustain themselves and enrich a community through their strengths and passions.   We want to demonstrate through our project that creative and critical exchange with diverse voices and networks is imperative for this lifestyle to function well.  In this way, we seek to learn and teach life practices that are sustainable, responsible and respectful to ourselves, each other and our environment. 

Before we can really move forward we must find an alternative to powering our trip with diesel fuel, and move cleanly between communities.    If we can afford to modify a vegetable oil fuel system to power the Spes Bus we can stop wasting energy and time traveling with an expensive, unsustainable technology that contradicts our most basic values.

We will be working with an alternative automechanic in Asheville over the course of the next month to outfit our bus with a veggie oil system.  We will need to add an extra, heated tank for the oil and a filtration system so we may recycle waste oil into our fuel.  Dave, our mechanic has been converting diesel vehicles to veggie for years, and has an outstanding reputation in the Asheville area.   He has agreed to apply his experience in veggie mechanics to our house on wheels, and furthermore to teach us his design as when we install it in his shop.   This enables us to maintain and teach our system as we travel.

Our kit, including all parts Dave needs to build his system except the giant tank we'll need to squeeze somewhere in the undercarriage, comes from the Organic Mechanic, a trusted source of equipment for the diesel to veggie conversion.  It costs 2, 229 dollars.  We will also need to buy a second large tank to hold the oil to be recycled.  The remainder of our minimum budget is to compensate Dave for his time installing and teaching us about our modifications.  To afford the project, we will attempt to have it approved by the well known creative fundraising platform called Kickstarter. Alternatively, we will create an independent fundraiser here on the blog following their model.

This conversion is imperative for the short and long-term success of our endeavor.  One foundational promise we have made as a community is to live as sustainably as possible, taking good care of our planet, creating a cycle of good health.  We wish to treat the towns, collectives, farms and families we visit, however large or small, with the same respect, using our time and skills to incite creative collaboration in the arts and participate in community projects.  Relationships formed in these contexts yield mutual education and inspiration, understanding and happiness.   When we spend our time well in a place, we leave behind us, in gratitude, finished projects, musical experiences, works of art, creative ideas and thoughtful dialogue.