Sunday, June 10, 2012

NOW (a manifesto)

Roll and flop like a bear in blueberries.
Tumble together like marmots.
Tousle my hair if it's too straight.

Think like moss.

Grow like a painting.

Drink your fill of honeysuckle, until days have passed in one swollen moment.

Hop over, swing up, slide down.

Lubricate your hinges!

Stick your whole hand into:
1. A barrel of lentils.
2. A bowl of dough.
3. A coast of sand.
4. A cool creek.

Create feasts, retell dreams, point to clouds, hold hands.

Bestow crowns of wild things.

Show yourself to the sun!

Cross stuff out.
Love what you want.
Desire what you have.

Remember seconds before fear was born and walk into those open fields.

Break glass cages and lick the cuts on your fingers.

Be your light, and care for your guides.

Jackie, June 2012

1 comment:

  1. I love this. Happy upcoming birthday Jackie - we love and miss you....


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