Friday, June 29, 2012

the full days of summer have found us.

You haven't heard from us in a little while because we are oh so busy with a number of projects.

We've been graciously welcomed into a little circus commune in West Asheville called The Landing, to stay until Dr. Dave is ready to pay attention to our bus for a week.  Here, we've been spending our time learning on an intimate level just one way people are managing to live creatively, collaboratively, and sustainably.  Many that live here are acrobats and circus performers and yogis, but there is a LOT more than that going on every day.  There are organic gardens to tend to and goats and ducks and fencing projects for the aforementioned.  Painters, sculptors, musicians, singers, dancers, and bavarian pretzel makers round out a flourishing creative community.  Tree has been teaching us acro-yoga.  Iz and Rich are campaigning at Occupy for Ringmaster and Ringmistress of the United States.  Everyone loves hiking, swimming, and adventuring around these mountains.  

 Max and Jeff have each been producing a lot of music, and Jackie hasn't been able to stop drawing for a week.  Jay has been reading us some great poetry from his journal.  Max and Jackie are painting a mural in the Landing's warehouse of some curious looking creatures in a circusy scene.  Jay and Max have been getting really good on the slack-line.  Brit and Kaley have each taken personal leave from the bus for a stretch, and Jeff plans to embark on his own adventure within the week. 

Aside from carpentry and fencing projects, garden work, animal care, creative and circus practice, the crew has been putting together a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to pay for the veggie conversion, which includes shooting and editing an informational video.  All of which you will see activated, with a little luck, (Kickstarter has to approve our project) within the month! 

Finally, we will be posting new items in our Etsy shop throughout the next week. Art and zines and jewelry!  Check that out HERE!

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