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Our cozy spes-ship is the former home of at least two traveling bands before us(Silver Rain Band was inscribed on the  stern portside window in soap when we first took her home, and if you look carefully you can still see the residue of "The Traveling Pilgrims, Jesus Saves" remaining in the title plate next to the door.)  She began her life in 1964 a GM Coach, model 4106.  But she's got a new engine (8V-71 Deisel) and transmission, airbrakes (they take about 10 minutes to fill up when we turn her on) and suspension and electrical setup and quite the 70s-style interior decorating scheme (gold flecked linoleum, everywhere!) Only twelve of the original coach seats remain, in the front, behind the antique cockpit (original driver's seat and steering wheel, chunky dials and speedometer, floor pedals.)   A little propane-fueled gas stove, RV septic system, bench-to-bed setups throughout, and our own hand-upholstered cushions and hand-sewn curtains (tablecloths, old skirts, fabric scraps) make her feel like home.  With all of us and our stuff on board, we weigh in at 26,000 lbs and change, clearance is 11 ft. 5 including the AC units on top, and she stretches out to 34 ft. 8 inches.

i am.
I am a love light ball of rainbow unicorn energy that seeks to positively affect change through creativity. Yeah, yeah...hippy dippy. But it’s true. I am also a poet but I don’t write enough but I am “working on” a masterpiece that will blow your mind. Really. I promise. I love cooking, and baking, and cleaning (eesh). I’m some what of a domestic goddess. I love sing-a-longs, bonfires, the MOON, crystals, David Bowie, Muppets, and YOU. Yes, I love you. Because I believe that we are all in this mess together and the only way out is to love and work together.  For me, this bus is a chance to learn as much as I can, meet beautiful creatures, bask in the majesty of Mama Gaia and grow, grow, grow. 
Hey everybody, I love playing music and especially playing the trumpet.  I think most of the concern I have in life is making sure that everyone around me is happy and feels good.  I love love and find it especially easy to give love through healing and massage, which is why I am seeking to learn alternative methods of healing.  I love you and hope to be your friend soon!
I think it's possible to have the greatest adventure of your life in a warehouse in New Jersey if you have enough imagination and a positive attitude.  It helps when you are part of a super open-minded and silly and loving community, of course.  I think it's this belief in the possible and everyday extraordinary that drives me to compulsively create.  I want to learn anything you have to teach me, and I know you've got stuff to teach.  Let me make you food, or point out the cloudscape, or introduce you to a great person or give you a really good hug.  Then you can tell me all kinds of stories about where you've been and what you're dreaming of and people you know, and we can come up with a new game or idea or adventure together, and then make it happen.
I may be a Rabbit reincarnate in character, but my spirit is rooted in the Bison. I have a deep appreciation for the Earth and all its creatures and one of my goals right now includes creating a sustainable community in which to live. I thrive off of mountains, waterfalls, vast landscapes, flowing rivers, mucky swamps, and salty oceans. Big trees are my heroes. And yea, I hug them often. I have an interest in foraging and gardening and will continue to teach myself how to live in harmony with the land, benefiting from it, and in return offering it my artistic creations. My hands are my primary tools of expression: sculpture, installation, painting, playing music, writing, making fires, cooking, hugging. I'm pretty much down for learning anything at all, and try to do so at all times possible. DIY everything. I'm on a quest, and I can't quite say what that is right now, but I know it will be one with a beautiful ending. I want everyone to know their own potential, and exercise it! And big, big shit eating grins.

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