Thursday, April 19, 2012

This one's for you, Momma

Greetings and Salutations!  Kalemonster, here again....bringing you some FRESH along with a little bit of old skool.  And by that I mean I haven't posted in awhile so I'll be backtracking a bit and also giving y'all (yes I've picked up a south'rn drawl) some updates!  OKAY! Having said that...a large portion of this post will include fabulous photos of yours truly...Not only because I'm vain...but because my mother specifically requested pictures of her beloved daughter.  And we all know that you MUST listen to yo momma. So without furthur ado.....

See Kaley do all kinds of fun things in various environments!

Kaley and Jeff pondering in Pisgah National Forest
Kaley and new friends Chynna and Trey enjoying arborical delights (that means trees!..and yes i made up that get a license to do that when you sentence yourself to be a writer)

Kaley looking confused/displeased/slightly puzzled in Asheville

Kaley getting some massage lovin' at Mountain Medical open house

Kaley looking cute and vintage in a garden courtyard

Kaley continuing to look adorable in said garden courtyard

Kaley doing yoga in mountains!

Oh Look!  Its Rabbit making a lovely woven basket and Max being zen in the usual.

J contemplates the cosmos.

Kaley lounging awkwardly in farmhouse at Dig In! Community Gardens

Kaley pulling weeds at Dig In! Community Gardens!

Wow! Wasn't that fun!  I feel great having done so many exciting things in so many different places!  Life sure is grand!

Okay...back to now! First of all, let me give you a brief synopsis of what life for our little Kalemonster has been in the last few weeks.  Burnsville = great little bumblefuck mountain town (pardon my French, Mother).  Amazing community.  We are practically celebrities here.  Everyone in town has heard about "the Wwoofers" (though technically we aren't even registered on the site....slipped under the radar again!  HAH!)  And they all want a piece of us.  Or at least to capitalize on our able bodies (ehh...) and hardworking hands!   Last two weeks we were at Dig In Community Gardens....and people were bringing us baked goods every single day to thank us for our work in their community!  I'm telling's wild what starts to happen when you put out the good vibes to the universe, the earth, and humanity.  We got berry pie! Pecan pie! Oatmeal cookies!  Chocolate chip cookies!  Homemade bread!  YUM! It feels really good to be making a positive impact!  SPREADING LIGHT AND LOVE FOREVER!

On a darker note...I did have an emotional melt down last week...woah was intense.  Lots of tragedy.  But I came out just fine.  And let a lot go.  Mostly fear.  And realized a lot of my physical pain was not really physical at all...but emotional baggage I had been hanging on to.  Some times you need a little purging...a little pruning away of what does not serve you anymore.  It hurts like hell.  But it sure does make you grow. 

Anyway...I am feeling more alive and excited than I have in awhile!  We have set up shop at a farm that is just starting. Our new friend Jared, an incredible light being, is just beginning a huge growing operation and creative community.  67 acres of pure bliss!  A total blank canvas! It's amazing.  We are officially starting a family band!  Everyone has been playing music like crazy.  Even I have been singing my face off...and I'm sounding good since I finally let me voice out of it's cage.  Flying free!  YAY!  Oh and Jared plays keys like magic and has already set up a jam space and it's FUCKING AWESOME!  Okay so I'm pretty excited about life right now.  More to come about the new space and pictures for sure.  I have to go run around or something.  LOVE YOU ALL BYE! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"He looks all like...a G."

Ahoy there! We, the crew of LokiSpes, are happy to present to YOU......I'm not sure where that was going. But LOOK! Below is Jared and Katie, our wonderful new jugglinghoopingjammingpaintinglovingfriends! And Rosie, the dawg (philly REPRESENTIN!) of my dreams. Our next adventure begins TODAY! We are going to Jared's up and coming farm. 67 acres of possibilities! And we are going to be a part of its beginning.

BUT WAIT! To recap:

This week I spent bestowing the Way of the Rabbit upon Jeffy, and together, hand in hand, paw in paw, we made 3 trellises! Yaaaay!

This is the state of the garden as we depart, looking spiffier than ever! We love you Dig In! Thanks a bunch. Aw, geee willakers!



Saturday, April 7, 2012

freight trains melodies

I dunno about all that hullabalo,'s somethin.


Guest photographer Deborah Palmer

One of our new friends Deborah Palmer has been documenting our trip for us while we stay at DigIn!, and it's been funny seeing ourselves through someone else's lens for a change.   From the most recent batch we found in our inbox, we suspect she likes our solution to all the holes the gardening work has made in our pants :-)

preparing the raspberries for a thinning and transplant.

The fresh compost pile, as shown by our model.                     

Compost siftin' duo

Max's Hoop Storage Solutions

Jackie thigh and Jeffy bum                         

Watching Laura's compost tea demonstration (you don't drink it, as it turns out)

But Brit wore a hat to the tea party anyway.

Max on sexy red tractor. With his bag.

Friday, April 6, 2012

there is a gauntlet on the floor in the attic.

Somewhere outside Burnsville, NC the urgent stirring begins in my gut, my heart, my hands.  I am antsy to get back to the cottage.  I begin to prepare myself for the daunting way before me; it's time to hold myself creatively accountable.  What do I have if I deny myself the duty and satisfaction of the work I know and love?  The days past have been ridden with a guilty conscience...the task of building a discipline and practice, a structure within which I can create regularly has been pushed to the back burner for far too long.  How many times have I introduced myself as a visual artist on this journey?  But, when my life lacks any even illusory permanence...when my sense of self and place has been so transient, how do I make art?

First preparation...lose the guilt over wasted time, missed opportunity, unfinished projects, hypocrisy.  You are here, now, with the familiar urge; use it.  Be you- here- now.

Then the walk across the lawn to the barn - something I've put off for days - but the latch lifts so easily, freeing the old grey door on its hinges, and just inside is the unwanted plywood I suspected would be there.  About 2 1/2' x 3'

Turn down the rare invitation to a social event in town, though another part of me hungers for it.  Can't have everything all at once, and making just one god damn thing gets priority over introducing myself as a thing-maker to the local community of thing-makers.  Walk my words, or stop using them.

A fresh cup of coffee streamlines the gathering of anything with which I might possibly want to be locked in the attic with me for the next few hours.  The pile in the abandoned room grows quickly...up and down the stairs, up and down, up and down.  Push away the dead wasps so I don't have to listen to them crunch.

Some sort of ritual needs to happen.  To separate this fresh start from all the others that went stale, or all the times I don't get past the sketchbook.  To clear out the remaining guilt and self-flagellation.  To face a major change towards self-direction and will-power that is pretty fucking intimidating.  Up until now: ex-art student dabbling as though it was all for a hobby, and now: holding myself to it in spite of all the glaring obstacles (life on a bus, days of farm-work, no money to speak of, minimal materials, no real professional roots anywhere, and especially not locally.)  Pursuing a crazy dream as pragmatically as possible.  Intimidating.

I wash my face.  Remove jewelry.  Tie a kerchief around my skull.  Clean, comfortable clothes.  Last couple of things to the attic.  The door won't close all the way because the floor is crooked. It smells too much like someone else up here...light some incense.  One item at a time, I spread the pile out around me and my plywood board.  Three kinds of glue (none ideal), murky water from the tap (spring-fed, post monsoon), old fabric, Jay's leather bowling ball case with our reject home depot house paints, some acrylics, and Max's beautiful set of brushes, black India ink. The panels I still haven't sent my patient sponsors.  Microscope prints and other people's family vacation snapshots (one of a red stunt plane inverting over a crowd of people in 70s attire, in the perfect blue sky.)  Margaret Doney's brown striped suitcase, with all the materials from school that I probably won't find inspiring for another five years.  All the sketches from the past four months, waiting to become something greater.

Then a whole backpack of aids for if I lose my way, or sense an impending spiritual or creative crisis, or become impatient or self-loathing.  The Shipping News in case I need to just escape.  A book of Native American wisdom (preferred door to the monomyth) in case I need to remember humility...take myself less seriously, jojoba oil in case it's just a case of dry skin, the iChing in case I need a grounding dose of direct perspective, mooikite jasper.  A camera to remember the journey, and to remember to have patience for change.  The ohm necklace from Bri.  Oh, Bri!  Our little bubble was a cozy one!

The first three hours on the piece went like this:

It's a start.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

down the road again...

Jeff and Kelly gave us the sweetest send-off weekend.  They were hosting an open house at their practice (Mountain Medical Arts) and invited us along.  Their courtyard smelled like the spring blossoms that were EVERYWHERE and we drank so much fresh sage/pineapple and mint teas we brewed from their herb gardens that morning.  Everyone got to enjoy free meditation sessions and we sat under trellis and played and sang until dinner time.  That night we enjoyed a family-style dinner at Fork and Knife...Jeff and Kelly's friend Nate is the chef there and his menu is completely locally produced and organic...oh my!

Monday morning, the whole crew woke up on Loki (for the first time in ages!) and started her up after breakfast to head over to Dig In! Yancey Community Gardens...who invited us to come stay and work for a couple of weeks.  We have a beautiful little cottage to live in on the property with a big kitchen and luxurious us it's the Ritz.  Loki is close-by in the front yard so we can keep an eye on her :-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It just took 2 and a half hours to load these two pictures...

and so we are on now to another farm, the Dig in! Yancey Community Garden. And we only have our portable internet which is soooooo slow. So here is one picture of Jay, playing with charcoal in the woods, and another at Jeff and Kelly's open house at their medical practice. We will tediously try to upload more!