Thursday, April 19, 2012

This one's for you, Momma

Greetings and Salutations!  Kalemonster, here again....bringing you some FRESH along with a little bit of old skool.  And by that I mean I haven't posted in awhile so I'll be backtracking a bit and also giving y'all (yes I've picked up a south'rn drawl) some updates!  OKAY! Having said that...a large portion of this post will include fabulous photos of yours truly...Not only because I'm vain...but because my mother specifically requested pictures of her beloved daughter.  And we all know that you MUST listen to yo momma. So without furthur ado.....

See Kaley do all kinds of fun things in various environments!

Kaley and Jeff pondering in Pisgah National Forest
Kaley and new friends Chynna and Trey enjoying arborical delights (that means trees!..and yes i made up that get a license to do that when you sentence yourself to be a writer)

Kaley looking confused/displeased/slightly puzzled in Asheville

Kaley getting some massage lovin' at Mountain Medical open house

Kaley looking cute and vintage in a garden courtyard

Kaley continuing to look adorable in said garden courtyard

Kaley doing yoga in mountains!

Oh Look!  Its Rabbit making a lovely woven basket and Max being zen in the usual.

J contemplates the cosmos.

Kaley lounging awkwardly in farmhouse at Dig In! Community Gardens

Kaley pulling weeds at Dig In! Community Gardens!

Wow! Wasn't that fun!  I feel great having done so many exciting things in so many different places!  Life sure is grand!

Okay...back to now! First of all, let me give you a brief synopsis of what life for our little Kalemonster has been in the last few weeks.  Burnsville = great little bumblefuck mountain town (pardon my French, Mother).  Amazing community.  We are practically celebrities here.  Everyone in town has heard about "the Wwoofers" (though technically we aren't even registered on the site....slipped under the radar again!  HAH!)  And they all want a piece of us.  Or at least to capitalize on our able bodies (ehh...) and hardworking hands!   Last two weeks we were at Dig In Community Gardens....and people were bringing us baked goods every single day to thank us for our work in their community!  I'm telling's wild what starts to happen when you put out the good vibes to the universe, the earth, and humanity.  We got berry pie! Pecan pie! Oatmeal cookies!  Chocolate chip cookies!  Homemade bread!  YUM! It feels really good to be making a positive impact!  SPREADING LIGHT AND LOVE FOREVER!

On a darker note...I did have an emotional melt down last week...woah was intense.  Lots of tragedy.  But I came out just fine.  And let a lot go.  Mostly fear.  And realized a lot of my physical pain was not really physical at all...but emotional baggage I had been hanging on to.  Some times you need a little purging...a little pruning away of what does not serve you anymore.  It hurts like hell.  But it sure does make you grow. 

Anyway...I am feeling more alive and excited than I have in awhile!  We have set up shop at a farm that is just starting. Our new friend Jared, an incredible light being, is just beginning a huge growing operation and creative community.  67 acres of pure bliss!  A total blank canvas! It's amazing.  We are officially starting a family band!  Everyone has been playing music like crazy.  Even I have been singing my face off...and I'm sounding good since I finally let me voice out of it's cage.  Flying free!  YAY!  Oh and Jared plays keys like magic and has already set up a jam space and it's FUCKING AWESOME!  Okay so I'm pretty excited about life right now.  More to come about the new space and pictures for sure.  I have to go run around or something.  LOVE YOU ALL BYE! 


  1. Oh Kaley you really are very very cute - adorable actually. Thank you for the pics. It did my heart good to see you close up. Love your hair! My favorite looks are 1. headband and 2. hat.
    Glad you are sooooo happy
    and that you are singing! Maybe now you will believe what we have always tried to tell you about your beautiful voice!!
    So happy for all of you to be where you are.
    Love you,

  2. Keep doin' whatcha do, y'all. And give me a call, Jeff. Been a long time.



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