Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guest photographer Deborah Palmer

One of our new friends Deborah Palmer has been documenting our trip for us while we stay at DigIn!, and it's been funny seeing ourselves through someone else's lens for a change.   From the most recent batch we found in our inbox, we suspect she likes our solution to all the holes the gardening work has made in our pants :-)

preparing the raspberries for a thinning and transplant.

The fresh compost pile, as shown by our model.                     

Compost siftin' duo

Max's Hoop Storage Solutions

Jackie thigh and Jeffy bum                         

Watching Laura's compost tea demonstration (you don't drink it, as it turns out)

But Brit wore a hat to the tea party anyway.

Max on sexy red tractor. With his bag.


  1. You all look ravishing - as always!

  2. These photos make me smile!! You all look like naturals!


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