Saturday, April 14, 2012

"He looks all like...a G."

Ahoy there! We, the crew of LokiSpes, are happy to present to YOU......I'm not sure where that was going. But LOOK! Below is Jared and Katie, our wonderful new jugglinghoopingjammingpaintinglovingfriends! And Rosie, the dawg (philly REPRESENTIN!) of my dreams. Our next adventure begins TODAY! We are going to Jared's up and coming farm. 67 acres of possibilities! And we are going to be a part of its beginning.

BUT WAIT! To recap:

This week I spent bestowing the Way of the Rabbit upon Jeffy, and together, hand in hand, paw in paw, we made 3 trellises! Yaaaay!

This is the state of the garden as we depart, looking spiffier than ever! We love you Dig In! Thanks a bunch. Aw, geee willakers!



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