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Late June, the Loki Crew hooked up with the circus commune, The Landing.  Much collaboration ensued, including animal and garden care, building projects, music, painting, and performance.

Our first edition of our cooking zine, in the Belly of the Beast, is now available for purchase on Etsy!

We spent the end of April and all of May helping our friend Jared start his organic farm and make the place feel like home, in Burnsville, NC.  Rabbit designed the back deck, a jungle of woven grapevine and railings made from fallen tree limbs she found in the forest.  From salvaged wood, metal and junk, Max built a scarecrow named Timmy and he and Jackie designed and built the outhouse, saloon style doors and tin roof and all.  Did a little landscaping around the property, helped to plant berries and apple and peach trees and potatoes.  Jared gave Jackie a whole blank wall on which to paint, and it became a beautiful collaborative mural between Kaley's poetry, Max and Brit and Jackie's painting, and Jeff, Jared, Jay and Max's concurrent jam sessions that helped inspire the work.   Kaley finished another wallet and wrote an amazing short piece for a publication that will be released in Philly soon.  Rabbit and Max built a GREAT new shelf/counter for the bus that made it feel more open and like home than before.  Photos of all this in the May post titled "Snaggy Mountain Phototour."

April 3rd, Max engineered some new hooks in one of the recently cleaned stalls for the hoop frames.  The whole crew learned how to construct lasagna beds and got to work on that, but were rained out when a torrential thunderstorm rolled into the valley.  Lasagna beds, beginning with the bottom layer, are cardboard, hay, decaying leaves and cut grass if you have some to use up, sprinklings of Laura's magic soil amendment (rock phosphate, compost, coffee grinds, fish emulsion, green sand, and a few other things I can't recall), manure (saturated with red worms!), compost, and sifted top soil.

April 2nd, the whole crew began working at Dig In! Yancey Community Gardens under the kind guidance of the garden manager, Laura.  We beefed up last years' raised beds with some decaying leaves and really potent manure, cleaned out some very neglected stalls in the barn, and Kaley single-handedly tackled the weeds in the raspberry beds.

Between March 23rd and April 2nd, the crew worked for Jeff Polgar and Kelly Rothe at Mountain Edible Arts...getting their homestead ready for a growing season and learning a lot about sustainable and organic gardening practices, tree felling (the hemlocks are under attack in this area), clearing and creating mulch from fallen branches in the pine thicket, and enjoying many culinary adventures (cooking for ten these days!)

Between February 25th and March 23rd, the Loki Crew explored Asheville.  Often, Jay and Jeff and Max and occasionally Brit went into town to busk, Jackie began a series of bird drawings and made more dreamcatchers (including one GIANT out of a wreath frame she found on the street), Brit began weaving again, and Kaley dug out her magnum opus in progress for the first time since Loki set out.  Yay!

February 25th, Jay and Max and Jeff made some beautiful music out on the corner at Haywood and College in Asheville, NC.  

February 24th, Jackie and Max performed the song they wrote in Durham for the first time, for some new friends bearing gifts of pastries and enthusiasm.

February 22nd, Brit made a lot of really cute headbands from ribbon and fabric that she cut and layered into blossoms. 

February 19th, Brit went wild making lots of jewelry out of bottle caps, corks, wire and beads.  Check 'em out on the Etsy account!

February 18th, Jackie made her first dream catcher (found a cardinal feather for it on the hike out to the lake).   She and Max also wrote a song.

February 16th, Spent the whole day assisting Max as he worked on understanding and fixing the solenoid. It rained, of course, so we spent the six hours or so in the cold blue glow of our tarp. But our spirits are high...we are learning a lot and that is the purpose of the trip after all. Tomorrow he'll need to go back in...the broken wire inside the solenoid, behind the gasket and a particular screw (one of four) at an INCREDIBLY difficult angle to loosen, that Max repaired was not the magic fix, as he initially thought. The team really came together around the project...though only two of us needed to be outside near the engine, Jay continuously checked in, bringing better seating, the occasional odd tool, rubber boots. Kaley, in addition to moral support all day long, made our favorite soup of hers for dinner, which will be ready by the time we finish showering and winding down. Jeff has offered his massage therapy services, and also helped one of our hosts make amazing peanut-butter-cup cokies which were still warm when we recently came in from the rain. Brit made headway in the craft supply today which will be for sale, gave our aloe plant crutches, and is now making yet another batch of cookies to soothe our souls. Go team.

February 15th, Kaley read some of her poems to our new friends in Durham, with incredible energy.  Mm mm good.

February 11th, Jackie and Brit worked on our first edition of In the Belly of the Beast: Cooking with the Crew on the Spes Bus.  Max found the structure Jackie began in the woods yesterday and transformed it into a beautiful hideaway with intricate woven branch walls.  Jeff brought his camera out and took some great panoramas of the scene.

February 10th, Jeff played a beautiful song for Max and Jackie that he has recently finished composing.  And hand-patched his jeans.  Jackie ran into the woods and began building a sanctuary out of small trees the local beavers had gnawed down but didn't manage to drag over a bank into the marsh.

February 9th, Max finished altering a guitar case to fit his mandolin (he scurries when he's feeling industrious, Jason and Jackie noted) and Jackie began working on the first edition of our cooking zine, which will be available through Etsy sometime soon.  Looked like Kaley was laying out a pattern for a new handmade wallet, as well.

February 6th, the crew spent in East Riverton, NJ walking through a wildlife preserve, collecting materials to make into jewelry.  A pair of earrings and a necklace came out of the afternoon.  Check out the links and the rest of the great handmade stuff on our Etsy account!

February 5th, Kaley finished the first poem of the journey and read it to the crew.  She totally captured the magic and manic energy of our first night in our new home.  Read it for yourself in her blog post: "I threw my plans in the rubbish heap."

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