Friday, May 4, 2012

Snaggy Mountain Mornings

I wake up on the ridge under some mosquito netting to a burning pink sunrise over blue mountains.  Hang up my sleeping sack, zip up my bag, and hike down to the farm. Cow paths, dodging thorns and patties all the way down the hills.  Fried eggs and taters, oatmeal, and coffee over a breakfast fire next to Loki.  Joined by Max and Rabbit and Brad.  All I need to do today is paint and photograph this place for our family that isn't here to see it.  I think the others will be weeding up in the field.  If the tractor comes today we can plant the potatoes.  Our big dreams are fulfilled through simple purposes these days. We have space to dance.  Lots of light, clear minds, happy bus crew.

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