Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kalemonster here, coming at you with a fresh perspective.

Asheville is a synchronographer's wet dream.  Every thing is bing-bang-boom, presto manifesto!  We came crashing into town Monday night.  Literally.  On our way to our couchsurfing organized supposed parking spot, after hours of struggling up the mountains, brakes burning rubber, and missing a turn, Loki's fat ass took out a sizable portion of a chain link fence at 2:30 in the morning.  After a police report and a few scare stories from the neighbor who's yard we so violently sodomized, we arrive at destination nowhere.  Apparently we had been led on a wild goose chase.  So we said fuck it and parked on the side of the road for the night.  3 am dinner and CRASH.  I woke first and, deciding to take Cindy's advice, (author of the greatest zine ever Doris...check out #15 the Anti Depression might save you) jumped out of bed and ran out the door for a walk....just before the darkness started to creep back into the corners of my consciousness.
West Asheville = garden, prayer flags, hula hoops, camo trailer w/white board (Dale & Trixie live here!), southern red fence painting, 20 more RV's, green bus, tree house, Ohm.
Green bus contained a delectably rugged tree doctor named Forest who was kind enough to help us find a space to park for the night.  An evening of hot soup, bonfire, and much wine had us soaring high on Asheville's tail feathers.  Yeah....I think we can get into the pudding here.....

An over-caffeinated morning:
   Schizo brain static
      riding the buzz til I burn down
 I am many
 I contain multitudes
    TOO MANY to keep track
          never ending flip flop upside down
          twitch tweak exploding heart technique
I am vibrating TOO HIGH
    it's TOO MUCH
as my hand shakily reaches out
   to grab my mug
More stimulation
   creating crests after each
          crashing break
          breaking crash

Just when I realized it would probably be a good idea if I put some solid nutrients into my contracting I started walking toward the door to see if I could catch the Food Not Bombs meal in the park....stopped/struck down...Barista says "Did you find a place to park you bus?" Well sort a lot down town...haven't been kicked out yet....Interrupting Barista #2..."Are you in the space bus...because I was JUST responding to your couchsurfing request before I came to work! there's this great space on Gaston..."   Oh wow! Well...that's great..I mean..yeah how do we get there?  Interrupting goddess.  "Oh you need a place to park...well I have this driveway down the street (from Barista #2) and let me just talk to my roommates...and..." Pulls me aside...the rapping starts..and half an hour later the bus is careening down the steep incline that leads to a driveway in a quaint/cute residential area next to a park.   So that's Asheville for you.  I can dig it.

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