Monday, February 6, 2012

Finding a groove

The past 4 days have been a challenge for us and for Loki. We attempted to leave 4 times and could not for various reasons (electrical issues, brake issues, starter issues, personal issues), each time getting a little further and closer and having to turn back. However, despite our trials and tribulations, what has happened to us has become an amazing experience in bonding and perseverance.  The more time I spend with this family, the more honored I feel to be a part of it. In other places where other people might loose there cool, their patience, and their positive attitude, we have exemplified our unique ability to make the best of things. I am proud of us, and feel that even though we may not physically be where we thought we'd be by now, we are living together on this bus that finally feels like home, and that is all we need. Love, family, and creativity. Today we hung around outside, made some stuff to sell, organized the bus, and had awesome conversations about where we're all at right now. Being so open is important for making this trip work. With solid hearts and hopes, we are having a great trip so far!

Love all,

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