Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dear Grandmother

Asheville, NC is where we are parking the bus for the next couple of weeks.  We are already very involved in the creative community here, who is incredibly open to dialogue with "strangers" and go out of their way to lend a hand or advice to us.  So so so so many people have offered us space to park our bus, have extended invitations to get-togethers happening in their homes, or have pointed us towards a good corner on which to sell our crafts or play music or have small performances.  Several new friends have offered to take us out of town in their vehicles for a hike (the bus doesn't do well pushing up mountains, so we have to avoid them whenever possible). 

The bus community is beginning to find its rhythm...we are learning to take space away from each other as well as to keep communicating, working together, practicing patience.  We are all growing a lot, becoming stronger, more motivated, better support systems for each other, and very creative.  Morale is high, and it seems to go that whatever energy or ideas or enthusiasm we have to give to a community is generally returned in the form of meals or a place to do laundry or a hot shower or a new network to tap into.  Thought we haven't had to ask for any of these things, they are abundant thus far.  I imagine the west coast will be even easier to navigate, though who knows when we will reach it.

These mountains are beautiful.  I've never seen such sunsets or as wide a sky every day.  The people here maybe reflect the beauty of their environment?  Healthy, happy, giving folks.

Are you well?  How was the sun and the sand and the sea?


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