Friday, March 2, 2012

up and up we go!

 Yesterday we headed for the mountains; 2 cars. One car was following the other and ended up getting lost and landing in Tennessee. But they managed to find a nice spot for a picnic and a hike and made it a nice day! Our car, however, made it to Pisgah National Forest, it was beautiful. We swam naked in the river and warmed in the sun, played with rocks and dug our toes in the sand. it was very purifying. Then we went for a long, upward hike up the mountains, nearly to the top of one. I was winded as hell, my asthma persisting, but when I stopped it felt so good to breathe.

 Just breathe.

 These are some cairns made by Trey.
 I made this one. Naked and squatting. Lots of sparkly mica in these rocks.
How high we hiked!
 Chynna and Trey takin' a breather.
We ended our day with a fire while we waited for our friend Nick to come back from his hike. We thought we'd lost him there for a while! But eventually he showed, just as we were warming and singing our thanks to the Earth. A wonderfully exhausting day.


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