Monday, July 9, 2012

The Loki Post

So, the latest project I've been working out is a newsletter a lot of you have probably received invitations to on facebook or in your email:

The Loki Post

The newsletter is NOT the same as our blog.  It is about YOU...all the teachers and sources of great ideas and inspiration that make up our network and support system.  The idea behind this newsletter is to expose our network to itself...strengthen it by encouraging a better interconnectivity, exchange of ideas.  We see so many people doing amazing things, and I am constantly thinking, oh my YOU should meet THIS person and talk, or these projects would make an AWESOME collaborative.  And for the most part, when we do connect people actively, good things have happened.  Our hosts at the Landing just took their circus show up to philly, Loki's birthplace, and so many amazing new relationships happened when they hooked in with people we knew from the circus scene, Occupy scene, urban garden scene.  So we are attempting to do that regularly by setting up this newsletter as a nexus.  We will include descriptions of projects we are seeing, and contact information for the people in charge of them (better still have the people in charge of them write that description themselves), talk about communities we've stayed with and how they are uniquely making it work, and then all the ideas, recipes, sustainable living methods, gardening tips, discussions surrounding said people and projects will have a place to be shared.

I am seeing the bus more and more as a vehicle of communication.  This is definitely how my personal mission on the bus is evolving, but I suspect it might be beyond me, too.  We could become a thread between all the cool stuff non-nomadic folks are doing.  There is so much good happening on a small scale in this country but it can be so isolated...a lot of people don't think about how much more independent they could be from the structures they are criticizing if they were more interdependent, resourceful, collaborative with others seeking the same freedom.  This idea is already showing its merit in the local food movement...small communities and farms supporting each other, creating a well-rounded selection but maintaining their ethical codes and quality by centralizing on a small scale (the farmers' markets, CSAs, etc).  But I think there are a lot more aspects of DIY living and innovative sustainable lifestyles that would benefit from this sort of organization.

I hope you're all into it!  I appreciate any feedback lokithespacebus at gmail if you've got ideas!


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